The power and influence of the Chief of Staff of the Nigerian President can vary depending on the individual holding the position and the relationship they have with the President. Generally, the Chief of Staff is a highly influential role and serves as the principal advisor to the President. Their primary responsibility is to manage the President’s schedule, coordinate the activities of the President’s office, and provide strategic advice and support.

The Chief of Staff often acts as a gatekeeper, controlling access to the President and filtering information and requests. They are typically involved in decision-making processes and play a key role in shaping the President’s agenda. Additionally, the Chief of Staff may have significant influence in appointing key personnel within the government and can serve as a bridge between the President and other government officials, stakeholders, and interest groups.

It’s important to note that the power and authority of the Chief of Staff can also be influenced by factors such as the President’s leadership style, the political climate, and the overall governance structure of the country. Therefore, the extent of power wielded by the Chief of Staff may vary from one administration to another.


Femi Gbajabiamila is a Nigerian politician who served as the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Nigeria’s National Assembly.

The Chief of Staff to the Nigerian President is a separate position responsible for managing the President’s office and advising on matters related to governance. However, it’s worth noting that political dynamics can change over time, and there may have been developments since my last update. I recommend verifying the current status and roles of individuals in the Nigerian government to ensure you have the most accurate information.


Should in anyway The President is incapacitated For short Periods Access And Decisions Are Controlled by The COS and His Immediate Closest Family Notably The First Lady .


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